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Pivotal Canna has all types of distillate avaialble we have full spectrum, compliant distillate <0.3% and THC Free distillate (T-Free).

Our distillate comes from our extraction facillity or extractors that we have vetted and trust. We make sure you are getting quality concentrate and make sure you get your distillate in hand and it is what you expected with a 7 day window before the money is released.  

Buy CBD distillate wholesale

The price will vary greatly depending on the market current supply and demand. Also depends on what level of refinement you would like there is a big price jump from Distillate, Compliant, and T-Free. For 1 liter prices will range from 2500- 6000 you should contact us and we can get back to you with some price quotes for what you need right now. 

Purchasing with Pivotal

We aim to give your company a reliable purchasing and sourcing arm of your business without the hassle of figuring out this sector on your own. We have an established network of extractors across the country and have validated their quality.

Instead of running around getting samples from every overworked extractor let us send you a sample today for your needs and list of Extractors stock that is available today. Big or small orders welcome as we want to welcome new manufactures to the industry.

Full-Spectrum Distillate

First, second and third pass distillates. Each pass will add a level of purity and higher concentrate of CBD but still remain full spectrum and containing THC

Compliant Distillate

This distillate run through multiple passes to remove THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol levels lower than 0.3 % making it compliant with federal regulations 

THC Free Distillate

THC Free is run through multiple passes and the THC is targeted and removed in the distillation process. This is great product if you need to advertise T-Free

What is CBD Distillate

A CBD distillate is a concentrate made from CBD crude oil, Once in distillate form it is ready to be mixed into CBD products. It will contain many different cannabinoids and terpenes from the strain of hemp biomass it was created from. Some may have a particular strain that they want and we can source this for you.

Distillates will have higher levels of THC than allowed by most states because it is a concentrate. To get distillate with compliant THC levels it will go through multiple processes to rid it of THC, so this is where the higher cost comes in as it goes through multiple steps of distillation

CBD content can be somewhere from 60-90% in the concentrate. The other mass that is not a Cannabinoid will be a blend of terpenes which give it the flavors and smells, as well other plant-based components from vitamins, antioxidants.

Distillates are unmatched purity of hemp products you have the most amount of cannabinoids with the least amount of other plant matter. They are used in so many applications, basically all consumable hemp products could use distillate.

Distillation –

noun / dis-tl-ey-shuh n /

is the process of separating the components or substances from a liquid mixture by using selective boiling and condensation.

Distillation is achieved by using an device that heats a the CBD crude oil to a specific temperature so it vaporizes a specific compound of the oil without destroying the compounds you want to keep, then it condenses the vaporized compounds back into a liquid.
The principle used in distillation with hemp and cannabis are the same as doing it with water. A short-path distillation is used and unit is a one of the most common devices used.
The basic process is just like distilling water, In which the water is heated to boil off the water leaving behind pollutants and then the pure H2O is is cooled and condensed into drinking water

CBD Distillate FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBD Distillate used for?

Distillates are used to make CBD products such as tinctures, creams, drinks and gummies. Distillate is also used for Vaping, it is the most pure form of the plant.

How much is CBD distillate per liter?

This depends on you the supply and demand of the market as well as what type you want, you can say starting at 2500 and going up to 7500.

What is the difference between isolate and distillate?

Isolate is the isolated cannabinoid, after hemp is in the distillate form it would go through a chromatography machine and then would produce an isolate powder.

What is the difference between distillate and tincture?

A tincture would simply be distillate mixed with some type of oil like MCT oil lightly heated and mixed thoroughly.

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Our products have not be evaluated by the FDA or proven to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any illnesses.  All products are compliant with the US Farm Bill and under 0.3% THC. Pivotal CBD sells legal industrial hemp grown under a registered license with the Oregon
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