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Bulk CBD Brokers

Oregon’s Premier Hemp Brokers

Curating the purest CBD Supply line On the West Coast USA

We add real value to every CBD purchase we broker.

CBD and Hemp Brokers

As  raw hemp and CBD brokers, we connect buyers to the best hemp  and CBD produceres on the West Coast of the USA. We make the process of making large purchases simple, secure, and safe.

Secure Online Environment

We use HIPAA-compliant document security, and online secure networking for sharing documents and information from both parties


We obtain proof of product from the seller, proof of funds from the buyer, and securely share these between parties.

3rd Party Testing

We can supply 3rd party labs to test all products, and/or facilitate the testing from both sides using your own testing facility.


We help lay the terms of the contract with volumne/price timing of payment, delivery, risk of loss in transit, quality assurance, lien rights, dispute resolution, confidentiality

Letter of Intent

We can help create a letter of intent (LOI) between parties setting up negotiations.


Pivotal CBD uses a licensed and bonded Oregon escrow agent. A neutral, trustworthy third party who holds funds until product is delivered or order is fufilled.

We Know the Industry 


We are farmers first and have a long time revelations with hemp


We are clear upfront and honest brokers


We care about quality, and hold a triple bottom line

to Your Success.

As Hemp CBD brokers, we take we responsibility for making sure we have fully vetted our clients to ensure the highest quality of product and transaction rate. our online secure file sharing you will easily be able to see that the buyer is fully ready to purchase. We assit in all steps of the process with both parties with communicating all details between all parties in an professional and legal manner.

CBD BioMass

Hemp CBD biomass and flower sourced from farms leading the industry in Oregon.

Processed CBD

CBD Isolate, Full Spectrum Oil, 0% THC Oil and more from leading laboratories on the West Coast


Hemp fiber sourced from farms leading the industry in Oregon