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At Pivotal we never sacrifice the quality of our services in search of better returns. We are quality over quantity. As well all of our services use state-of-the-art techniques and machinery.  We stand above the crowd by providing the highest quality services which we proudly stand by.

Brokering & Supply Chain

Pivotal is a full service broker for all strains of cannabis, from our secure online network for sharing documents to helping draft letters of intent, 3rd party testing, final contracts and escrow. We add real value to the each bulk CBD transaction making it easier for you to focus on your product and your own sales. We not only connect buyers and sellers we are a pivotal part of the process.  As a broker we take we responsibility making sure we have fully tested and ethically sourced cannabis We help in all aspects of clearing laying out both parties intentions and communicating all details between all parties in an professional and legal manner.

Contracted Grows

If you have farmable land with great soil or you are looking to invest in the booming CBD Market, but do not have the experience in growing hemp Pivotal Canna can help. We have been growing cannabis for decades and know the every aspect of growing fanatic CBD Hemp at scale. There is a vast amount of nuances and details only experience can really let you master, that’s why people choose Pivotal Canna to help them grow their hemp and their business. We can do anything from helping initial set up to helping you get the distribution of your product contact us for more information today.

Extraction & Processing

Pivotals’ extraction facilities are located outside bend Oregon. We use a state-of–the-art processing machinery capable of processing 800 Lbs. per day. Using hydrocarbon extraction we carefully extract the cannabinoids as well as the terpenes from our very popular high-CBD strain. Using a vacuum chamber gas extraction; gives us the purest CBD product possible. Complete with post testing to tell you the exact chemical makeup of your final CBD product.

Consulting & infrastructure

If you just want to have someone consult with the initial set up of your hemp farm Pivotal can help. We can advise or be onsite and set up operations. From sourcing he right seeds to sowing, growing, harvesting, extraction and bulk sales we can help. We can do full installs of processing facilities if you are looking to vertical integrate or just do processing as your main business. Pivotals grow master has built a stellar team that can help your project be a big success