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Premier CBG Flower in Bulk

High Content CBG From Pivotal Farms & Hand Selected Partners

High Content CBG From Pivotal Farms Hand Selected Partners
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CBG Hemp Flower

Pivotal Farms and our partner farms produced the highest quality organically grown CBG flower. 

Our network of hand selected curated cultivators in Oregon, California and Washington are small farmers that use organic techniques to produce exquisite smoke-able CBG flower. We keep our network hand selected and everything we sell is quality tested first hand. Pivotal LLC is active members in the Central Oregon Hemp Association. Organic, high CBG content, under .3% THC, heavy metal  and toxin free.

Premium varieties of high CBG hemp flower

  • All Natural, Non-GMO Hemp
  • No Pesticides
  • No Heavy Metals
  • High CBG content >15%
  • Low THC Content <0.3%

CBG Flower in Bulk

Pivotal has a few strains of CBG flower available, all flower is organically grown, heavy metal and pesticide free. Get ready for the ultimate smooth smoking experience.

We know cannabis. We know how to correctly cultivate and cure amazing smokeable flower. This flower will be one of your biggest sellers as it is rich with terpenes and has a nose that will make you wonder if it is hemp. We use farming practices for big beautiful kolas, call for COA’s and samples.

CBG Flower Pricing

The price will vary greatly depending on the market current supply and demand. Also depends on what level of refinement you would like there is a big price jump from Distillate, Compliant, and T-Free.

Purchasing with Pivotal

We aim to give your company a reliable purchasing and sourcing arm of your business without the hassle of figuring out this sector on your own. We have an established network of farmers growing quality CBG Flower across the country and have hand validated their quality.

Instead of running around getting samples from every and looking for flower in every dark corner of the web. Let Pivotal send you a samples today for your needs and list of farmers stock and prices that are available today. Minum order of 5 lbs. But we do have CBG flower for sale by the Gram in our online shop

What is CBG Flower?

Cannabigerol, CBG, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid one of hundreds found in Cannabis sativa. Known as the mother molecule it is the precursor to all other cannabinoids, Learn more about CBG in this Cannabigerol article. To get high content CBG flower the plant is selectively breaded to create a high CBG low THC strains.

CBG reacts with the cannabinoid receptors throughout the endocannabinoid system in the body just as CBD and THC, but the effects are different and not well researched, it is still in its infancy in the medical laboratories but users have reported benefits.

It has been reported that CBG helps fight inflammation, and pain, There has been one study that showed that Cannabigerol reduces intraocular eye pressure caused by glaucoma.


noun / kan-uh-bi-ger-ol /

(CBG) is one of more than 120 identified cannabinoid compounds found in the plant genus Cannabis. Cannabigerol the parent molecule from which other cannabinoids are synthesized.

CBG Flower FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBG good for?

CBG has been shown in a few studies to have the potential to reduce inflammation, have neuroprotectant properties, be an antioxidant , aiding with appetite stimulation, treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, shows promise in helping combat some forms of cancer, and one study shows it may help in lowering intraocular pressure for glaucoma sufferers.

Does CBG get you high?

CBG Does not have any psychoactive properties and possible reduces the psychoactive effects of THC.

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Our products have not be evaluated by the FDA or proven to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any illnesses.  All products are compliant with the US Farm Bill and under 0.3% THC. Pivotal CBD sells legal industrial hemp grown under a registered license with the Oregon
Department of Agriculture.