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Pivotal Farms Hemp Biomass

Our farm is located in Central Oregon, on 200 acres of amazing soil. Central Oregon is a fantastic place to grow hemp and it is the bread basket of the west coast hemp industry. We have a large amount of dried hemp flower for sale from our own farm. As well we have a curated list of fantastic farms with amazing wholesale hemp products available so please fill out a purchasers form if interested.

CBD Biomass

Quick Definition: There may be some confusion about the word “biomass”  because in the CBD industry CBD Biomass refers to the hemp flower and some leaves and limited stalk. Where in other industries Biomass is non-food part of a plant usually the waste product like stalks and husk used for the production of fuels. So while the correct term maybe dried hemp flower, usually that refers to nicely trimmed flowers that are good for direct to consumer, for smoking, while biomass is sold in large quanities and used for turning into CBD concentrates like isolates distillates 

Our Hemp Biomass


Large orders welcome, we can obtain a supply chain for your products


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We care about quality, and hold a triple bottom line

Hemp biomass Quality

The higher CBD content the better you should be looking for 8-12% CBD content inside biomass the strain and farming techniques get higher or lower levels of CBD. You should also be concerned with quality and how the farmers grew their crop. Pivotal Farms is 100% Organic which increases our bottom line, but improves the quality and supports our local economy.

Hemp biomass testing

As a broker we take we responsibility on bothsides making sure we have fully tested and ethically sourced supply  of the highest quality CBD and  we make sure that the buyer is fully  ready to purchase and that there is a fair deal between both parties

Hemp Biomass Strains

Pivotal Farms has two fantastic strains while our partner farms have all kinds of strains available inquire and we can get you information on what is avialble in the market today. There are 1,000 differnt names so it is a little to convuluted to go by names you should look at the lab reports and images and possible samples of the biomasss.

Hemp Biomass Pricing

Prices vary with seasonal supply greatly for upto date pricing you can contact us here, or check some of the industries leading news soures like leafly for articles on current prices.

Hemp Biomass FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hemp biomass used for?

Biomass is used mainly processed into CBD Concentrates. It is taken to an extractor and they take the raw material and turn it into CBD crude oil.

How much biomass does an acre of hemp produce?

This depends massively on your farming practices but if you did a good job with spacing and plant size 1 acre of can produce about 1,200 pounds of biomass.

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Our products have not be evaluated by the FDA or proven to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any illnesses.  All products are compliant with the US Farm Bill and under 0.3% THC. Pivotal CBD sells legal industrial hemp grown under a registered license with the Oregon
Department of Agriculture.