What is CBD Isolate

An Introduction to CBD Isolate and Its Benefits

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How is it Made?

Is there Benifits to Taking CBD?

Does it Contain THC?

Types of CBD

What ways can you take CBD?

As the benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) become widely known, its popularity also grows and continues to flourish. People are now using it to treat a wide range of ailments and medical conditions. The phytocannabinoid is now available in different forms and can be consumed in a variety of ways–oral tinctures, edibles,  topicals, and vape use.
If you’re curious and looking into how you can benefit from this incredible plant extract, you should learn more about it here.

“There two gerneral types of CBD, Full Spectrum and CBD Isolate”

There are around 100 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. The two most widely discussed and studied are the CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The latter is responsible for the cannabis psychoactive effects. The former, on the other hand, is non-psychoactive. It has been attributed to a number of healing properties.

When it comes to CBD, there are two types: the full spectrum and CBD isolate. In this entry, we will talk about the CBD isolate, its difference from full-spectrum, and its benefits.

As its name suggests, CBD isolate is a pure and isolated form of cannabidiol and comes in a crystalline powder form. It is also the most potent form. All plant matter in the cannabis plant, including chlorophyll, oils, and waxes are removed until the only thing left is CBD.

How It’s Made

CBD can be made from marijuana or hemp, but most products we see in the market today are exclusively derived from hemp. This is because it is known to contain higher levels of CBD, with only a trace amount of THC. This helps to keep the dry weight of THC within 0.3% and stay within the federal legal limit.

The extraction process for CBD isolate starts the same way as other related products, except that it goes through a purifying process to get rid of the plant materials and get the purest form. This involves filtration and “winterization”. The former will rid it of plant materials, while the latter will remove any wax that was still present after filtration. What is left is a fine, white powder that is 99% pure cannabidiol.

From here, the CBD isolate is screened for potency and purity. Reputable companies provide lab reports to their end consumer to ensure the concentration and purity of the final product.

Benefits of CBD Isolate

CBD isolate offers a measurable and versatile way of putting cannabidiol in your system. This is one of the reasons that CBD’s popularity, especially in terms of health benefits, has increased.

Because it is pure and doesn’t contain other chemical compounds found in hemp, it loses some of the potential benefits of cannabis as well. Some cannabinoid chemical compounds offer synergistic benefits, which means they must be consumed together. Removing all compounds except one will sacrifice some of the potential therapeutic benefits of the plant.

Though CBD isolate is considered as a stripped-down version, it is still the best choice for some people sensitive to THC. Isolate is a low-cost and THC-free way of consuming CBD while enjoying the benefits of the said compound.

CBD Isolate Doesn’t Contain Any THC

Most people think CBD products contain the psychoactive chemical compound THC. This is not entirely wrong, as there is still a trace amount of THC found in CBD oil. But because the content is only 0.3% or lower, it can be sold legally.

CBD isolate, on the other hand, provides the same benefits of CBD without any trace amounts of THC. This means it is an excellent solution for people sensitive to THC or those that don’t need the chemical to be in their system when undergoing drug tests, etc.

Emergency first responders, police officers, military service personnel cannot fail their drug test. If they need the benefits of CBD but not negative effects of THC, the isolated form provides a perfect solution.

Different Types of CBD Isolate

As previously mentioned, CBD isolate is measurable and versatile, making it the most attractive form of CBD for most people. So it’s not a surprise that it’s used as the main ingredient for many products in the market.


The isolated form of full-spectrum CBD results in a slab form and are broken down into chunks that are easier to vape or dab.


Made from the pulverized slab, it is the most common form of CBD isolate.


This common ingredient is found in a wide range of products–oils/tinctures, soft gels, vape pens, e liquids, slab and powder, and gummies.


To balance the loss of major cannabis compounds, terpenes (derived from marijuana or hemp) are added back to isolate. The result is an aromatic CBD product

How to Take CBD Isolate

Since CBD isolate is in pure form and doesn’t have any taste or odor, it can be consumed directly or added as the main ingredient. Some of the easy ways to get CBD isolate include:

  • Putting it directly under your tongue – this is the fastest and easiest way to take CBD isolate. It will be delivered to your bloodstream with the help of the mucous membrane in as fast as 60 seconds. Odorless and tasteless, consumption should not be a problem.
  • Mix it with juice – CBD isolate blends seamlessly with liquid, making it a great ingredient for juice and smoothie.
  • Mix it with coffee or tea – Turn your coffee and tea into something healthier than it already is with this ingredient added to them.
  • Make your own CBD oil – CBD isolate can be infused into a carrier oil (grapeseed, MCT oil, or even olive) to make CBD oil that can be used for cooking, baking, etc. However, the oil must not be cooked higher than 350˚ F as it will lose its benefits.
  • CBD isolates can also be used with skin oils (such as coconut oil) to make topical oil. These oils are good for easing inflammation, arthritis pain, sore muscles, etc.


  • Add to your sweetener – Heat up agave or honey in a double boiler and mix some CBD isolate until dissolved. You can infuse this sweeter to your coffee, tea, etc.

Bottom Line

Since CBD isolate is 99% pure, one milligram of powder will contain one milligram of CBD. This makes dosage measurement easier and more precise, so you know exactly how much of it you’re getting.

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Using CBD isolate for the first time may be intimidating. But because it is the most versatile way to use and get the therapeutic and medical benefits of CBD, it is definitely worth giving a try.


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